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The Evening Standard (also the London Evening Standard) is a local free daily newspaper, published Monday to Friday in tabloid format in London. Since 2009 it has been owned by Russian businessman Alexander Lebedev. It is the dominant local/regional evening paper for London and the surrounding area, with coverage of national and international news and City of London finance.

Jennie McDonnell mentioned, "I was so distressed to see the unconscious racism in yesterday's Evening Standard edition, where you suggest that because Liz Hurley's nephew (presumably white) was subject to a knife attack, that the public was now more aware of knife crime in the capital. Can you seriously suggest this without irony, shock or shame? Who edits this commentary? Given your excellent campaign against knife killings of black youths, It is both sad and sickening that such a piece could pass without challenge or scrutiny."


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Former Employee - Lifestyle Writer says

"I worked at The London Evening Standard full-time for less than a year Cons: everything else wasn't that great"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at The London Evening Standard full-time for more than a year Cons: - low pay -bad communication between managers and when I say bad, I mean no communication -no room for growth or respect for the workers -the only things these people care about are appearances and status, I have never met more fake people in my life - you can't trust your coworkers -when I took the job I was told the vertical was going to be substantial and interesting but it is just an SEO site that a bot could write DONT WORK HERE"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at The London Evening Standard full-time Cons: The biggest problem I had working there was the bullying culture. That started in 2015. There is a particular editor who thought it was acceptable to ask staff to work holidays, on their days off, and would routinely - and I mean at least once a week - commission you at 5pm or 6pm to write a piece for the next day, even though you had been in since 8am, meaning you would end up working late into the night. What was ludicrous is that she was a very lazy person herself, who did her work to a very low standard (her editing was appalling - she'd routinely add errors), who was a very poor writer and who never stayed late. She was just a terrible bully - and drove a number of people to leave too. This behaviour was widely known about - lots of people made complaints - but essentially indulged. This is an unprofessional workplace generally. Staff aren't given the support they need, and there's no career development really. Pay is also very unfair and arbitrary. I found out I was earning a lot less than a male colleague who was doing essentially the same job. The paper is not really a paper any more - you're just churning out copy, rather than breaking stories. Certain staff are favoured to a ludicrous degree, despite constantly making the paper late/ taking their personal life to work in the most extreme way/ behaving inappropriately towards staff of the opposite sex etc"

Former Employee - Journalist says

"I worked at The London Evening Standard full-time Cons: RUDE EDITOR BULLIES YOU periodt"

Former Employee - Journalist says

"I worked at The London Evening Standard full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Oh gosh, really don't know where to start from...old mentality, lack of innovation, very slow, they pretend to be big shots but really they're laughable within the industry. It's quite the stressful environment to be in, and some desks seem to be better, just by the amount of free stuff they seem to receive daily... piles and piles of free products and items, so I'm guessing they do pretty well but the problem with that is they don't seem to share any wealth. You pay for everything from your own money you don't seem to get the expenses back. They don't seem to care about your mental health.. as long as you do the job then that's fine with them, don't even mention about a raise, you might beth a huge NO and a laugh in your face... After a while, you become a zombie. If you want to start in the industry and get a decent wage to survive in London, but after a while, you'll just get exhausted, they'll promise a lot but not much will happen, so don't get your high hopes. Manage your expectations. Some decent people around the office but be wary of the fake personalities."

Former Employee - Media Sales Manager says

"I worked at The London Evening Standard full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Hugely mis-managed, very old fashion ‘media’, at times very sexist (not support of working mothers or flexible working). At risk of losing some real talent if those left aren’t better looked after."


"I have been working at The London Evening Standard Cons: Very poor leadership with no attention to personal development or skills development. The commercial department is no better and is run by a 'boys club' if your in your okay if not you will never grow in the company. Very problematic IT division using very out of date equipment not up to industry standards."

Current Employee - Writer says

"I have been working at The London Evening Standard full-time for more than 8 years Cons: As with many newspaper groups, we have had cuts, after cuts, after cuts. As a result departments have been cut to the bone even though the work has increased as we now have to furnish copy for the website on top of the paper. This has led to longer hours and dissatisfied staff. Some departments have been merged with those from the Independent, which has added to reporters' workloads as the two papers run on different deadlines."

Former Freelancer - Journalist says

"I worked at The London Evening Standard for less than a year Cons: The decline of journalism coupled with the pandemic has reduced this organisation to a shadow of its former self. Low pay and replacement of decent management with cut-throat individuals"

Former Freelancer - Journalist says

"I worked at The London Evening Standard Cons: dwindling budgets makes it a tough environment"

Georgie H says

"Publications such as this, and the kind of people that staff them, are surplus to requirements in any decent, modern community."

Failed UK Media says

"Tabloid dross. Failed UK Media."

Darla Dressler says

"Ridiculous Facebook page magazine that calls itself the "LONDON STANDARD" but spends 75% of its time reporting about American and Donald Trump instead of its own country, London and its own government. Total waste of time. Reports flamatory info about America and waste of time about London! slanted and fake news to the end and total waste of time, don't bother"

Bas A says

"I am very concerned by today’s Evening Standard. As another reviewer says, it is none other than George Osborne’s mouthpiece or "Microphone". University College London is unaccountable and I wonder why it is mentioned alongside the Royal Free Hospital."

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